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The General and Digestive Surgery Department of Madrid Norte Hospital, is integrated in the structure of the Grupo Hospital de Madrid (GHM).

Therefore our work is guided by a definite innovative nature and aims for the excellence in medical quality.

This Service began in 1999 in Madrid Montepríncipe Hospital, where our portfolio of services increased gradually. The headship of the GHM and the working environment have permitted the professional development of the members of the group.

This new hospital consolidates GHM's philosophy, as we offer and guarantee a comprehensive assistance to our patients (specially those with cancer) thanks to the advantages that a general hospital gives. Therefore, it is one more step in the variety of high-quality services that the Grupo carries out.

Today, a perfect scenario for medical education is possible thanks to the new Research and Innovation Deparment, the creation of the Tumor Tissue Bank and the consolidation of the working units. This completes the three-sided working scope that governs the activity of this Surgery Department.


Clara Campal Comprehensive Cancer Center

The center is annexed to HM University Sanchinarro, is the culmination of the project that Dr. Juan Abarca Campal started nearly 20 years ago creating the HM Hospitales, and in which three other hospitals (HM Universitario Madrid, HM Universitario Montepríncipe and HM Universitario Torrelodones) and five polyclinics in the Community of Madrid.



Los Doctores Emilio De Vicente y Yolanda Quijano han sido nombrados Directores de una nueva Cátedra Internacional de Investigación en Cirugía General y Digestiva creada por la UCAM Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia.

Ambos doctores han sido también designados Profesores Extraordinarios de Investigación en Cirugía General y Digestiva.


Hace 33 años, miembros de nuestro equipo quirúrgico efectuaron su primer trasplante hepático de donante cadáver dentro de la Unidad interhospitalaria de trasplante hepático formada por Clínica Puerta de Hierro, Hospital Infantil La Paz y Hospital Ramón y Cajal.


Sendos estudios muestran un ratio de coste-efectividad muy favorable a la hora de aplicar la robótica en el abordaje quirúrgico de estas patologías

La Fundación de Investigación HM Hospitales ha auspiciado ambos estudios que han sido realizados desde 2014 por el Servicio de Cirugía General y Digestiva del Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro, liderado por el Dr. Emilio Vicente y la Dra. Yolanda Quijano


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